Thursday, January 14, 2010

When you say you live in a closet, and you really mean you live in a closet...

Even if at first glance you think you don't like how a room is put together, sometimes when you study it and pick it apart, you come away with lessons that you can still use. Apartment Therapy: Chicago is featuring an apartment in Stockholm where the living room closet has been converted into a "bedroom." The article actually calls the space a bedroom, but c'mon. It's a bed-nook or bed-alcove or bed-space or bed-what-have-you-but-not-an-actual-room. There isn't even a curtain for privacy. So, when taken in the context of the rest of the room, it really looks more like a recessed daybed or even couch. Still, the idea is solid. If your studio's main room is small, but you still have a decently-sized closet, consider removing the doors and putting your bed inside. You may lose a bit of storage, but you'll open up more floorspace. And you're probably not going to lose as much storage as you think. You'll likely still have underbed storage space, and you can install an interior shelf if one doesn't already exist. Besides, compare the footprint of a bed versus a chest of drawers - unless you've got more clothes than my good friend Elena, chances are your bed's bigger than your dresser. (Love you, Elena!) Also, note how the back wall of the nook is painted a dark chocolate brown. The dark color gives it the illusion of being farther back that it really is, creating a little more depth.
So you see? Even though I'm not a fan of the entire room as it stands, I like the idea, and that bed sure seems appealing right now. But then again, maybe it's because I really want a nap. Via Apartment Therapy: Chicago.


  1. Or if you ARE like me ("Hi my name is Elena and I'm a shopaholic." "Hi, Elena.")... You could turn your entire apartment into a closet. Right? I was watching Confessions of a Shopaholic and I noticed that her bedroom is decorated by her clothes. Extra clothing racks, fancy shoe racks! Who needs wall art when you have Prada! Can you write a post about that? Cause that would basically be my dream!

  2. As dedicated to shoes as I am to sex, I agree with Elena. We need a post on how to use shoes to decorate your rooms, because I've ran out of space in my closet.

  3. Elena: I think you've got your priorities straight. Make the entire bedroom your closet, make the closet your bedroom. More room = more shoes!

    Queerie: Good idea! Turning storage into decoration! I'll work on that.

  4. I like the shoes as decoration idea. I've seen a barristers bookshelf turned into exactly that - with it's glad front, shoes look awesome in it.


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