Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My name is Gump.

Oh, Gump's. You remind me of the best city in the world (San Francisco), and the fact that I'm poor.
This red lacquer box caught my eye, and the price ($98) caused that eye to shed a tear. It's a beautiful, glossy, bold color, and can help you put all those lil' odds and ends away that seem to take over a desk. Keeping your tiny-ass apartment clean is one of the keys to making it appear more spacious, and this caddy is definitely a stylish way to do it! Perhaps instead you can take an IKEA FIRA box, give it a few coats of high-gloss paint, and create a budget version of the Gump's beauty.
I have a FIRA to store all my makeup... Yeah, I have a LOT of makeup. Via Mighty Goods, Gump's, and IKEA.

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