Saturday, January 23, 2010

I don't do one nightstands.

... Mostly because I don't have room for it. Ba-dum-dum! *Cymbal crash* Sorry, sorry. But it's true -- back when I lived in my tiny-ass studio, I didn't have room for a nightstand next to the bed. I didn't think I would need one, but I quickly realized just how useful those tiny tables are. I found myself just dropping things on the floor next to my bed as I fell asleep -- not the best idea when it's your glasses, or a cup of tea. Also, you tend to step on those things as you get out of bed the next morning.
Craft linked to this project: a bedside caddy you can sew yourself, if you're skilled like that. The example at the link looks a little frumpy to be quite frank, but if you find a cool print (*cough*AmyButler*cough, cough*), you can add storage while also adding a little flair. This caddy is perfect for storing your book, your glasses, and your remote control as you nod off to another Law & Order rerun...
But what of your glass of water, or your alarm clock? Try putting them on a shelf mounted within reach of your bed. This crown molding ledge from Pottery Barn is just deep enough to hold a few items while not sticking out so far that you'll clunk your head on it when you sit up.
Now onto general bed storage. Your bed will likely be the biggest piece of furniture in your TAA, so you can reclaim a good amount of storage space from it. Bed risers are an easy way to create a cavern of underbed storage, like these from Target. Bins like these plastic DILLINGs from IKEA also make it easy to shove tons of stuff under your bed, then easily slide them in and out.
But remember, if you're gonna store all your crap under your bed, invest in a bedskirt or something to hide it all from view. No one wants to see dust bunny-covered stacks of Wallflowers CDs, trust me. Via Craft, Get Creative, Pottery Barn, Target, and IKEA.


  1. hey, Wallflowers rocked.

    And i'm always paranoid of hanging things over my head in bed...earthquakes, y'know?

    but i loved the caddy! Might buy/make one.

  2. Hee! I actually love that song "One Headlight." :-P

    The earthquake thing did occur to me -- how could it not, when growing up in the Bay Area earthquake safety is pounded into our heads? But, I figure that a small ledge like that won't hold that much stuff, and if we ever get a quake big enough to knock everything off of it, an alarm clock falling on you won't kill you. Plus, you can always use some quake putty on the bottom of most objects.

    But there goes the dream of installing a flatscreen TV on the ceiling above my bed... :-P


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