Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am not a cat lady, I am a cat WOMAN.

Anyone who knows me knows alllll about my cats, whether they want to or not. Fancy and Bubo (short for Bubonic) are my widdle precious bebbehs and I love to give them kisses and nom their ears and hug them and squeeze them and...
Sorry, where was I? Just because you live in a small space doesn't mean you have to give up the companionship of a pet. Small animals that live in an enclosure anyway (birds, fish, hamsters) don't care how big their owner's living space is. Cats and small dogs can be perfectly happy in a small apartment. I wouldn't recommend a large dog, though, and of course a horse is right out of the question. (There goes my dream of finally getting a pony for Christmas!) Modern Cat is a great website for stylish kitty-cat decor, both functional and decorative. Here are two of my favorite items featured on their site:
These Curve Perches are great for a tiny-ass apartment. It gives kitty a place to sleep, scratch, and stare at you without giving up any floorspace, and they look pretty cool to boot.
This ModernKat litter box is such a great idea. The open-top design actually saves space; the cat jumps in from the top so you don't have to leave room for the traditional swinging side door. It also prevents litter from being kicked out of the box and onto your floor. Now, living in a small space with an animal leads to an entirely new problem: the smell. If you've only got one room, and you share that room with a litter box, there's no getting away from the smell once kitty's done his business. Once again, keeping your TAA clean is the easiest way to manage these unpleasant odors. We'll have more on "smell management" in a future post. In the meantime... LOOK HOW CUTE THESE KITTIES AAARE!
Via Modern Cat and my own millions of pictures of my cats.


  1. ha! great post - my Husband and I live in Brooklyn {700sqft railroad apt} with 9 cats, 1 enormous dog and 1 large dog. I always joke that I can't be considered a cat lady because I'm married! We are proof positive you can have a happy life with pets in a small urban space. It sounds like a crazed petting zoo but whenever people come over they spend half their time asking where all the cats are.

  2. I think pets are a key part of having that happy life! I know how much I love my widdle babies -- and I can only imagine how my heart would swell if I could have more! Something tells me Fancy would smother me in my sleep if I tried to take more attention away from her, though. :-P


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