Friday, January 15, 2010

A Doll's House that Ibsen wouldn't recognize

And I thought MY place was small! Check this out -- a modern home that's only 11 square feet! Okay, so it's not meant for humans. But when it comes to great design in small spaces, this doll's house is a fun example.
Created by Elaine Shaw of Brockley, South-East London, this modern doll's house took thousands of hours of painstaking work -- and all of it was done by hand. Elaine is looking to revive public interest in doll houses and miniatures. Her philosophy is that "Dolls houses are out of fashion because they are out of fashion... I want to bring it back into modern times and I think having modern day gadgets and appliances will make it appeal to more people." She's done an amazing job of recreating modern gadgets at a fraction of the original size. There's an eensy iMac and teeny Xbox! Elaine plans to add a few more models to this current one (named "Clearview") and sell them through her company, Miaim.
I love miniatures and had a dollhouse when I was younger. (My greatest creations? Pez for soap and white Tic Tacs for eggs.) In fact, I've been thinking about digging it up from my parents' garage and displaying it in my living room, and the "Clearview" house is really inspiring me to bring it out! I'd have to make a few changes, though, to make it more contemporary... Think IKEA makes an EXPEDIT bookcase in a five-inch version? Read more about the "Clearview" house at The Daily Mail.


  1. Love the blog! I get design ideas wherever I can, and yours have proved interesting as I also have a TAA. But I think you meant "Ibsen," not "Isben."

  2. Thanks! I can't believe I misspelled that! :-P

    And if you have a TAA of your own, please let me know if you have any questions or specific issues you'd like to see addressed, or let me know if you'd like your place featured on the site! I'm going to start profiling real-life TAAs, and I'd love for you to join in!

  3. Fascinating! there's lots of modern minatures available from the dolls house manufacturer people these days - kind of crazy that they making gaming consoles etc. This designer is really talented though!

    I would love to see some posts on artwork/object display in TAAs, multi-use furniture, the bare kitchen essentials, above toilet storage, crating distinct spaces in that enough? :)


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