Friday, January 22, 2010

Call for real-life TAAs!

I'm going to be starting a new feature on this site: real-life tiny-ass apartments! We'll post pictures of your fabulous-but-small place, along with a short interview about you and your TAA. If you’d like to have your apartment featured on the site, please fill out the questionnaire below and email it to me at If you’re outside of the Los Angeles area, please include a few sample pictures. If your apartment is featured, keep in mind that more pictures may be requested. Also, please note that your contact information will be kept confidential; it is only for me to contact you, and it will not be posted on the site. 1. Name: 2. Email: 3. Phone (optional): 4. Age (optional): 5. City/State: 6. Years lived in apartment: 7. Square footage (if known): 8. Year built (if known): 9. Architect or architectural style (if known): 10. Where were you living before this? How did it affect your move into your current place? (i.e., you were living in a bigger place before and had to get rid of furniture, this is your first place and you had to start from scratch, etc.) 11. When you first moved in, what did you think would be your biggest challenge? What was your actual biggest challenge? 12. What’s your favorite part of your apartment? 13. How would you describe your personal style? 14. Where are your favorite places to shop for things for your home? 15. What are you still looking to fix or improve? 16. What limitations have you run into in decorating your place? (i.e., cannot paint or drill holes in walls, small budget, etc.) 17. What advice would you give to another TAA-dweller? 18. LOS ANGELES AREA ONLY: When would be a good time to have your apartment photographed?

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