Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A booklover's box in NYC

Jordan Ferney, who runs another of my favorite sites, Oh Happy Day!, posted one of the most beautiful studios I've ever seen. What started as an empty, run-down space in New York City was transformed into a clean and sophisticated home. Built-in bookcases create tons of storage, and because they go up to the ceiling, they visually increase the height of the room. I love how even though there's tons of stuff, because it's all kept in the recessed shelves, the room still feels open and uncluttered. Also, notice the lamps mounted on the bookshelf-wall. You wouldn't usually think to mount your lighting on what is thought of as "furniture", but it brings the lamps up off the floor or table top and gives you even more room. Lastly, I love the dark wood drop-leaf table against the shelves (visible in the rest of the pictures at Oh Happy Day!). Now, I'm assuming that the couch is a fold-out bed, so when you need space or need to pull out the bed, the table can be folded down and pushed against the wall. When you're entertaining, the bed can stay folded into the couch and the table can be pulled out with its leaves up. You can also see the cute, mismatched dining chairs scattered throughout the room, ready to be pulled up to the table, used as makeshift side tables, or moved to whereever they're needed. The only drawback: it's in New York, so I'm afraid to find out how much it was listed for. I think it'd make me cry.
Via Oh Happy Day!


  1. My only issues... Where is the tv? And how can you do that if you rent? I really like how this looks. I mean they even play with the white walls, which if you rent, you'll most likely have, I'm planning on moving to NY and if I could get an apartment that big, I would be rolling!! I've heard such horrible things about apartments the size of a bathroom stall. And usually apartments I see are shaped like this and this size, gives me hope! Now the only thing is... where do I put my clothes?

  2. Elena: Maybe that door in the corner leads to a walk-in closet? And also, if you live in an exciting city like New York, do you really NEED a tv? I'd think looking out the window would be entertainment enough!

  3. Apartments are small here unless you are willing to pay 2500+ per month for a one bedroom, even that is difficult. A space like this would cost about 3200 I am guessing in rent. It it was in the West Village/Tribeca/Chelsea, it would cost a small fortune.

    If you are looking to save on rent, look in the financial district, uptown, and brooklyn.


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